Wheelchairs and Freedom

Surprisingly, many individuals think that having to use a wheelchair is confining and restricting, which will severely limit their freedom.  However, that is definitely not the case.  If anything, wheelchairs provide a freedom that an individual with a disability might not otherwise have.

Most individuals with disabilities who require the use of a wheelchair, but do not have one, are extremely limited to what they can do and where they can go. They may require extra assistance to leave their own home, or possibly even to move around in their own home. Sometimes, they may need even more assistance than that.

Wheelchairs are a simple and convenient way to provide mobility to someone who may be confined without one.


Regular wheelchairs are extremely convenient, and actually very affordable. They can be easily folded and tucked away for storage, or placed in a trunk of a car or backseat for travel. Motorized wheelchairs offer even more convenience. Wheelchairs that contain a motor are great for individuals who may not have the ability to move the wheelchair otherwise.

Most public places are wheelchair accessible. For individuals with a disability, having a wheelchair may actually make it easier to enjoy these places. Wheelchairs give them the confidence to know that they can safely move about their own home, or commute around town, and have the freedom, and the opportunity, to go and explore their surroundings. Wheelchairs are not confining or restricting in anyway. Wheelchairs provide a resource to get rid of those obstacles that come with mobility.

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