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Sinus Infections And Some Beneficial Devices

Pollution is a widespread problem in today’s modern world. Did you know that one of the major causes of sinus infections is pollution? Air pollutants are present everywhere and these harsh elements can definitely cause health conditions. If you think you’re safe inside warehouses, apartments, laboratories, shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices, you’re wrong.


Because of today’s modern technology, there are now beneficial devices which can help individuals afflicted with sinus infections.

What Is Acute Sinus Infection?

Acute sinus infection occurs when your nasal passages become inflamed making it difficult for the normal drainage of the mucus. As a result, you have difficulty breathing and may also experience a headache, fever or cough.

The common cause of acute sinus infection is the cold. Other causes include bacteria, allergies, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum and certain medical conditions. When the doctor is able to determine the exact cause, only then will treatment be given.

But most of the time, acute sinus infection is either bacterial or viral. Since it is hard to pinpoint what is the exact cause doctors speculate that if the problem persists longer than 14 days, then it is more likely that the cause is bacterial.

You will know if you have acute sinus infection if you have any of these symptoms. These include bad breath, cough, dental pain, erythema, fatigue, fever, nasal congestion, nausea or a sore throat. You may experience one or a few of these at the same time and you should treat it immediately to prevent this from becoming a chronic sinus infection even worse cause complications.

This means that the sinus infection could last longer than 8 weeks or you could develop acute asthma, aneurysms, meningitis or vision problems.

If the symptoms of acute sinus infection are mild, you can try self-care like drinking lots of fluids and bed rest. However if the ever exceeds 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 39 degrees Celsius, then you have to seek medical advice.

When you to the doctor, he or she will be asking you a few questions to gather information about your medical history, conduct a physical examination and in some cases call for a CT scan to pinpoint which areas are inflamed.

If the test results show that the cause is bacterial, then you may be prescribed some antibiotics like amoxicillin or the combination drug trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. If there are no changes, then a different antibiotic will be recommended.

Should this be caused by an allergic reaction, the doctor will likely recommend an antihistamine.

Other possible treatments for acute sinus infection include the use of prescription decongestants, nasal corticosteroid spray, oral corticosteroid pills to relieve stuffiness, over the counter decongestants or pain relievers and spraying a saline solution inside your nose several times a day.

But do you always have to wait for acute sinus infection to strike before taking any action? The answer is no because this can be prevented. Some simple things you can do includes practicing proper hygiene, getting flu shots annually, staying away from people who have colds, keeping yourself hydrated, limiting alcohol use, investing in a humidifier, avoid going to polluted areas and hanging out with people who smoke.

If you already have acute sinus infection, steam your sinus cavities by mixing Vicks Vaporub with warm water or with a few essential oils then inhale it for about 10 minutes. You can also take a hot a shower and breathe the warm air. Don’t forget to also take some decongestants and drink lots of fluids as this will all reduce congestion and promote drainage.

An acute sinus infection doesn’t last that long but when its there, you will really have a bad day. It can happen to anyone and at anytime so you have to take good care of yourself.

What are some beneficial devices?

1.Air Purifier – indoor areas are sometimes polluted by gases and particulates. As mentioned earlier, sinus infections can be due to pollutants. Through the air purifiers, you can breathe clean air. People who have rhinitis, pet allergy, dust mite allergies, and other sensitivities can also benefit from this device. Air purifiers or air cleaners are now widely available in the market.

Such devices can filter out dust, pollen, mould spores, airborne particles, pet dander, and even certain smells. There are also high tech air purifiers which can filter out harmful chemicals in the air.

2.Furnace filter – you can use this in the office, industrial sites, and even at home. If you have sinusitis, you need to have this device at home in the work area. Visible dust particles are removed.

Fiberglass filters are also now available but it commands a higher price. Large particles of dust are blocked so that they won’t damage the furnace. Electronic filters are also being used and these are washable; this device can eliminate pollens and dust. There are also magnetized air cleaners that magnets or collects the pollutants in the room.

3.Steam cleaner – this device is used to clean special facilities, offices, and homes. The steam acts as the cleaner and you can use it with ease. Portable steam cleaners can even remove stains and they are quite durable. You can even carry the steam cleaner anywhere you go.

Whether you’re suffering from acute sinusitis, fungal sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, this device can definitely eliminate allergens and dusts. You can evade possible complications due to sinus infections. If you have fungal and acute sinusitis, this device is best suited to your condition.

You can find inorganic and organic compounds in the air, as well as viruses and bacteria. There are also gaseous pollutants in the air such as nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and chemicals from vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke, and gas appliances. So you see, the air is not really safe to breathe especially in some areas.

There are chemical sensitive individuals and they are also the ones who are more prone to sinus infections. You need to choose the appropriate air purifier. Air purifiers are made up of certain materials like out gassing or glue from the heap filters and plastic parts. By having this handy device at home and in the workplace, you can avoid sinus infections.

The body needs fresh air and you can only have it at home or in the office if you have air purifiers. Accumulated dirt inside your nose can trigger the sinus infections. You will be able to breathe comfortably and your body will become healthier. Find the appropriate air purifier now. You need to consider factors like budget, the size of the room where you plan to put the purifier, and some other factors. Now, you can certainly avoid the infections.

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