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Preventing Sinus Infections

Prevention is the best way to fight health problems. Even the medical community believe in that cliché. For thousands of years, medical professionals have encouraged individuals to practice all the possible preventive measures to prevent the onset of a certain illness. That is also true in the case of sinus infections.


You’re already aware what it feels like when you’re sick or when you’re in excellent health. Any change in the body should be noted and it would be best to consult a doctor right away.

Be on the look out for these symptoms of sinus infection so that you can already start with the preventive measures –

1.Frequent colds

2.Frequent allergic reactions


4.Increased congestion

5.Sinus pressure

When the infection is already in the full blown stage, the sinus will become more painful so you should act immediately on the onset of the symptoms. Don’t delay and you need to follow a certain prevention program which may include a change in your daily diet. By starting on the program, you can reduce the chance of getting the infection.

Some of the things that you need to consider are the following:

1.Brushing the teeth everyday is already part of your routine. You also need to incorporate into your routine the nasal irrigation.

2.The sinuses should always be kept moist and you can do this by using a saline spray or you can also use a room humidifier especially at night.

3.Avoid soda, tea, and other iced drinks.

4.If you’re having an asthma attack or you have a cold, you must get enough rest and don’t exert yourself too much.

5. Get enough daily exercise and to increase blood circulation, try to do some outdoor exercises like walking, jogging, or running

6.To reduce the inflammation of the sinuses, you have inhale steam with eucalyptus, take frequent hot showers, use hot compresses, and you also dissolve some papaya enzymes inside your mouth (particularly between the gum and cheeks)

7.Prevent allergy attacks so that your sinuses will not be stressed out. Allergy attacks usually happen from 5am to 10am so you need to keep allergens at bay by using air purifiers or vacuums.

These are ways to prevent the onset of sinus infections. You must follow them carefully so that you can live a sinusitis-free life. Sinusitis can be very painful especially if it happens frequently. Visit your doctor right away so that you can be given a prescription medicine for your sinus infection. There are also those who try home remedies first because they say that the natural home remedies are quite effective in treating sinusitis. If the home remedies don’t work, then you should follow the advice of your doctor.

Sinus infections can affect your day to day life because it can cause headaches and extreme discomfort. Individuals who have sinusitis tend to be irritable and so they can’t perform well in school or in the workplace.

Prevent sinus infections now by following the ways stated above. Sinusitis is treatable especially if you know the appropriate medicine or home remedy to use. If you prefer a less costly alternative, you can try searching for information online on how to prevent sinusitis the natural way. If you can prevent the infection, then there is no need to purchase any medication or natural cure for the sinus problem.

Sinus Infection Prevention

You don’t always have to wait for sinus infection to strike before you take action. In fact, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening and here are a few.

1. Moisten the air in your home. You can do this by buying a humidifier or an air conditioning unit as this regulates the temperature during hot and cold weather.

2. Aside from humidifiers or air conditioning equipment, you can also install electrostatic filters which are designed to remove allergens in the air.

3. If you live in an area that is polluted, move somewhere else. You have to remember that sinus infections area also caused by strong fumes and chemicals that may irritate your sinus linings.

4. Drinking too much alcohol may also trigger a sinus infection because it swells the nasal and sinus membranes which leave them exposed to irritation. This simply means that you should drink moderately.

5. Smoking also causes sinus infections because it irritates the sinus lining which causes bad drainage of the mucus and the sinus to congest. So, you should quit smoking and stay away from people who smoke.

6. If you travel often, you should cut down the number of times you have to fly from one destination to the next. This is because a bubble of air within the body expands as the air pressure in the plane reduces. When this happens, this could result in the blockage of the Eustachian tubes causing your nose to clog during the plane’s ascent or descent. If you have to fly, be sure to bring with you a decongestant nose drop or inhaler and use this before the flight.

7. When you have a sinus infection, the best way to fight it is to stay hydrated. The same thing goes to prevent it by drinking lots of water, juice or any other liquid to replenish what was lost from the body.

8. You should also practice good hygiene since most sinus infections are caused by bacterial and viral infections. This means taking a shower twice a day and washing your hands with soap and water each time you go to the bathroom. You should also do this every time you sneeze because when you cover your mouth, the germs go to your hands.

9. For years, we have said that consuming dairy products will keep our bones strong. But studies have shown that too much can thicken your mucus and cause nasal passages to narrow down which results to headache and pain.

10. You should also get a flu shot every year.

11. Drinking liquids should also be followed with eating good food especially fruits and vegetables. After all, these are rich in antioxidants that will boost your immune system and help your body resist infection.

12. Lastly, stress makes us prone to sinusitis and many other infections. So we should get sufficient rest like 8 hours at least every night.

13. You should also take some multivitamins and supplements to add to your daily supplement.

You can prevent sinus infections from happening so that you don’t have to call in sick and miss a day at work or school. It takes a little effort to take these safety measures which happen to be much cheaper than going to your doctor and buying over the counter medication.

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