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Why Home Rowing Machines Are a Wonderful Fitness Choice

If you are new to rowing, but have purchased a home rowing machine, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, congratulate yourself on buying a home rowing machine, a step toward your fitness goals! Home rowing machines offer many benefits and are a great total body workout.


Home rowing machines are often of almost the same quality that you can find in a gym, depending on what you spent on your machine. They also offer the benefit of being right in your home so you can row any time of the day or night. Some home rowing machines even fold up for storage purposes, making them an idea piece of home gym equipment.

Like anything in life, the best way to perfect something is to track it and analyze the results. That goes for your body too, and tracking your home rowing machine use. Most home rowing machines make it easy for you to do exactly that, by using a digital computer and readout. You can track the distance rowed, estimated calories burnt, strokes taken and a variety of other measures. On top end home rowing machines you can even plug the machine into a computer and race people of all levels over the internet. That can be great for your motivation! It is like your home rowing machine workout is a computer game!

For novice home rowing machine owners, you should be careful to follow instructions in terms of your form when rowing. Always remember to keep your back reasonably straight, and consider rowing in a gym to get the guidance of a trainer before you start a home rowing machine exercise plan. Many people make the mistake of rowing from their lower back, which can cause problems.

Make sure you enjoy your home rowing machine and enjoy the benefits of getting fit!