rowing machines

Rowing Exercise Machines Provide a Great Workout!

Rowing exercise machines offer the benefit of an all-over workout with little impact on the joints, and they're something teens to senior citizens can use.

Rowing exercise machines, for this reason are growing in popularity in both gyms and as at home fitness equipment.


Many competitive outdoor rowers are well into their 70s, making it an all age exercise. Still, using a rowing exercise machine isn't as easy as using some other exercise machines, such as treadmills and stationary bicycles. They take some degree of coordination and practice to use properly. Die-hard rowers say they like that the exercise is self-paced; you can row as hard or as easily as you like.

A good rowing exercise machine simulates the experience of rowing a scull in open water. You glide back and forth on a seat as you pull back the oars/pulleys in a traditional rowing fashion. You can change the resistance and rowing speed on a rowing exercise machine according to your fitness level and ability.

Vigorous rowing is one of the most effective calorie burners, potentially using up more than 800 calories per hour, which is much higher than many work out options. In addition to the aerobic benefits these rowing exercise machines provide, they also are excellent for strengthening arm, back, shoulder and abdomen muscles. Rowing exercise machines, therefore, give a total body workout with high calorie burning benefits.

Rowing causes little to no impact on the joints, but users should be alert to strain on the knees and lower back. Hyperextension of the back is a common mistake made by rowers if they aren’t using proper form when using a rowing exercise machine. Also, to maximize strengthening benefits to the arms, it is important to keep elbows in tight to the body, which is another common mistake in form.