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What is the Cerebral Palsy Foundation?

Cerebral palsy is a horrible affliction that limits the mobility of its victims and destroys quality of life. The United Cerebral Palsy Foundation was created to enhance the independence and yield of people stricken with cerebral palsy.

The United Cerebral Palsy Foundation was created in 1949 and is of the largest health related organization in the United States today. The organization is dedicated to the idea of inclusion of all cerebral palsy patients in all aspects of social and work related life. For over a half century the institution has brought normality into the lives of people who would not have the chance of equality before its existence.


Based in Washington D.C., the Cerebral Palsy Foundation provides services such as legal aid in discrimination suits and non-compliance to the federal and state guidelines. The institution either supplies direct legal service or provides help through a network of legal organization designed with advocacy as their mission statement. Many landmark cases that define the legal rights of the disabled have crossed the desks of these legal sponsorship programs. The support ranges from direct attorney involvement to literature designed for guidance of self-advocacy. The decisions made from these court hearings have greatly improved the quality of life for many CP disabled persons.

Technological assistance and other supportive programs are also defined within the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Assistance with limb adaptation equipment such as walkers and wheel chairs is provided at minimum to no cost. Physical and occupational therapy is made available in instances of patients having no insurance or the therapy is not covered by the insurance. In addition to technological assistance, social aid is generated in intervention programs and family support systems. The organization creates reports that provide information to the general public of the nature of cerebral palsy and precautions for expecting parents to help prevent the disease from affecting their soon to be new born child.

Donations are always appreciated and those who wish to get involved in the prevention and cure of cerebral palsy can do so by contacting your local United Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Sponsorships, monetary gifts, monthly pledges, and volunteerism will change the life of many people who do not have the choice but to live with their disability.