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  • Research into moisture alarms has shown that they have tremendously helped children in remaining dry night after night.
  • Children who suffer from bed wetting on a regular basis are usually bothered about it and may ask parents some questions that need answers.
  • Here are four questions to answer as the parent of a bed wetting child. If you say "yes" to more than one of these questions, you should take your child to your pediatrician.
  • Wetting the bed as a preteen or teenager is not uncommon. Learn more by reading this informative article. . .
  • Secondary enuresis is very common in young children but can affect teenagers and adults as well.
  • Behavior modification has its roots in operant conditioning, which means, "undesirable behaviors are replaced with more desirable ones through positive or negative reinforcement."
  • Potty training is a gradual process that can go very smoothly or can provide plenty of obstacles along the way.
  • Bedwetting is referred to within the medical community as nocturnal enuresis.This problem occurs relatively often in infants, and as age and development increase, less and less children face the issue.
  • It is important to realize that occasional bed wetting before the age of five is not considered a problem but it defined as such after that age when it happens on a consistent basis.
  • There are mixed views on whether or not siblings should be told about their brother or sisters bed wetting problems.
  • Bed wetting before age six is not viewed as a problem but if it happens after age six and is frequent it might signal a problem.
  • Although bed wetting is very common among children, almost all children who wet their beds on a regular basis do stop eventually.
  • Find out helpful tips about helping children that are bed wetters in this informative article.
  • In instances where snoring and bed wetting began around the same approximate time it might be a good idea to discuss with the doctor if the tonsils and adenoids might be to blame.
  • If bed wetting is a consistent and embarrassing problem for a child, there are medications that can be prescribed by a doctor to help treat the problem.
  • Before you introduce toilet education to your tot, you might want to use four uncomplicated steps that will help make the job flow as smoothly as possible.
  • Regardless of whether your child suffers from primary enuresis or secondary enuresis, it is very important to assure your kid will be comfortable when he / she goes to bed at night. Here's how. . .
  • If your son or daughter has problems with mattress wetting, there are items you can invest in to make him or her feel drier and a lot more relaxed. Learn more. . .
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