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Treat Low Back Pain

Of all the types of back pain that people experience, low back pain is one of the most commonly occurring. You want to do all you can to treat low back pain.

There are two different types of low back pain: acute and chronic. Acute low back pain is usually a problem that can work itself out over a period of a few weeks. Chronic low back pain, however, can be responsible for aches and pains that last throughout your lifetime. In this article, we’ll address the problems that are posed by acute back pain as well as chronic low back pain and we’ll discuss some methods of getting rid of the pain.


Low back pain is one of the most commonly occurring medical conditions that merit a trip to the physician’s office. Most people are affected by low back pain at some point in their life, and the condition is responsible for more sick leave than any other condition.

The causes of acute low back pain are often very different than the causes of chronic low back pain. Acute low back pain is often caused by a singular event that is easily pinpointed by the afflicted. Situations such as car accidents, heavy lifting, or falling can cause a case of acute back pain due to the trauma that the incidents place upon the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the back. More often than not, these cases of back pain can be solved through physical therapy and massage, and they dissipate on their own after a period of time. Also, many physicians recommend the regular usage of heat packs and ice packs in order to soothe the muscles of the back and help them to get back in proper order. In any respect, acute back pain most often disappears a few weeks after it begins.

Chronic back pain, on the other hand, is most often the result of long-term degeneration of the bones that make up the central nervous system. Several degenerative causes can be the reasons that one experiences chronic low back pain. The discs that make up the spine may become herniated causing intense chronic back pain. These cases tend to last throughout the life of an individual, although their effects on one’s health can be lessened through chiropractic work and surgery. When it comes to diagnosing a case of low back pain, and assessing its severity, doctors most often employ the use of magnetic resonance imaging in order to determine the extent of the damage. Using this method, they can best determine what is causing the back pain and what you can do to prevent the pain from occurring in the future. There are a host of different reasons why one may be experiencing back pain, and getting magnetic resonance imaging performed is very important when it comes to pinning down the problem. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications may be prescribed in order to keep the pain at bay. In serious cases in which the discs of the back are not set in the proper manner, surgery may be necessary in order to correct the issue. and treat low back pain.


Alternative treatments for back pain

Alternative treatments, otherwise known as complimentary therapies are fast becoming a new way of trying to alleviate pain and problems found all over the body. Back pain has a wide variety of alternative treatments that reportedly alleviate pain. 

Complimentary therapies have been around for longer than the medication we use today but there is still a taboo surrounding the use of these medicines although some are becoming more acceptable. 

The following alternative medicines are all believed to possess medicinal qualities for alleviating back pain. 


It is said that essential oils can help alleviate pain because a lot of oils like Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, and Horse balm contain natural compounds like thymol that help your muscles relax. 

To get the full benefit you need to mix the correct quantity of oils together and rub them into the affected area after you have had a bath. The reason why you need to use the oils after you have had a bath is because your pores will be open and your muscles relaxed. 


Certain herbs like Camomile having a calming affect on muscle tissue, other herbs like Bromelain, which is a pineapple extract, is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is believed that if you take these herbs at a high enough quantity they can help alleviate the back pain you are feeling. 

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy works on the reasoning that the body has trigger points for pain within the muscles and is joined with the autonomic nervous system. Normally the trigger point will be centered on areas of knotting in the muscles and the point can radiate pain to other parts of the body. 

The treatment involves small injections of local anesthetic into the trigger point; this reportedly mixes the electrical signals that send the pain sensations. It normally takes a few sessions before the therapy is fully effective. 

Alternative medicines

There is no real proof that alternative medicines do work, although there is no proof that they do not either. Should you decide to try alternative medicines to alleviate your pain always remember to tell your medical consultant as it may have implications that you are not aware of.

 An Extra Large Bosom Can Cause Back Pain

 It is a difficult thing to be a woman who has to worry constantly about her figure. Society has made a woman feel that there are certain physical attributes that she must have to appear attractive. While at the same time if these attributes are too large a woman is constantly harassed by the opposite sex. Unfortunately, if a woman has large breasts she is envied by some while others assume that she is unintelligent and interested only in one thing. So begins the dilemma of what to do when you have very large breasts.

One’s perception by others is only one of the problems that large breasts cause. Another is backache. A woman who has above a D cup soon finds that the weight of her large bosom makes her back hurt. The weight of large breast can affect a woman’s posture as her body tries to compensate for all the extra weight at the top. They can even cause breathing problems. The extra heavy-duty bras that are worn to give support to very large breasts can often causes rubbing and squeezing of the skin and eventually scarring. Doing normal activities such as exercising or dancing becomes difficult, as the breasts are too heavy. Even finding clothes that fit over large breasts can be difficult.  

If a woman can find a good bra that offers extra support some of the back pain will subside. But finding an extra large bra is not always easy. These are not available even in the luxury bra and panties stores. Also a woman must be careful that to get the desired result she buys the right bar not just one she thinks will lessen the backache. Doctors claim that seventy percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  

So, now saddled with this assortment of problems plus the unending back pain what is a woman to do? Breast reduction surgery has become a common treatment for this issue. Women are able to have their breast size reduced to something more comfortable and to them more attractive, and feel more comfortable. They will not only feel better about the back pain but just as importantly, or maybe more so, they feel better about themselves. The pain in their backs from overly large breasts is often overshadowed by their feelings of shame at their large bosom. Often when they decide on the reduction men they know, who too often are in favor of keeping the large breasts, are not supportive about the surgical choice they have made.  

It is truly sad that a woman who is proportioned naturally and has small breasts feels that she is not attractive and spends her life either dissatisfied or has breast enhancement surgery to give her something bigger that she can be proud of. Let’s hope she does not go too big and wind up with breasts that are too large and give her the back problems that she never experienced when her bust was of an average size.