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Children Back Pain

Many people assume that back pain is a condition that only adults deal with and that most often it is the seniors that have the problems with back pain.

These are misconceptions. . Firstly, back pain is commonly experienced by adults of all ages. Secondly, eighty percent of all Americans will experience back pain at some time in their lives, not just when they get old. But, as well, many children experience back troubles that often lead to back pain. Their back pain can be caused by an injury or a genetic abnormality that effects their back’s construction.

 Some back pain in children is caused by easy things to correct. For example, how the child carries a heavy backpack can have consequences that lead to back pain. A backpack must be carried in such a way as to evenly distribute the weight. Placing the heavier items closer to the surface of the back will make them easier to carry. The pack should have good padding on the shoulders to better support the distribution of the weight. As well, children should be taught early on how to hold themselves when they walk and sit. Good posture in a child will lead to less back problems as they grow. The type of activities that they participate in can cause back pain for a child. If your child complains of back pain there are things to look at to see if you can correct them and so alleviate the pain.

 Young athletes can be injured during a sports game. These injuries, even minor ones, can lead to back spasms. These spasms make it hard for the muscles to relax which leads to other muscles having to work to compensate. This can lead to back pain. Sometimes a child that gets hurt during a sports activity may become concerned about being hurt again and so decide not to play with their team anymore. This leads to a lack of exercise and can actually do as much harm as good. Exercise is very important to the proper development of muscle strength and flexibility in a growing child.

 The young athlete is more likely to be hurt playing football or riding horse. But they are equally likely to injure themselves in activities where they tend to use their flexibility more, like gymnastics or dance. While sports that require more strength, like weightlifting or rowing, are also prime causes of back strain. If your child is involved in any of these, or any other sports, proper stretching before and after they play or compete will go a long way to preventing injury. Be prepared for the young athlete to get hurt no matter how well they try to avoid it. Sprains or twists can happen especially to growing bodies.

 In children the very act of growing can cause back problems. Those teen years when growth spurts are common can cause a teenagers back pain. Perhaps that’s why research shows that back pain is more prevalent in kids over twelve.


The basics of back pain

Back pain is a problem that strikes a large part of the population. As a matter of fact, lower back pain is the fifth most common reason that people in the United States visit a physician. Clinically known as ‘dorsopathy’, there can be many causes for a case of back pain. Back pain may be present due to the muscles, joints, nerves, or bones being aggravated, and it can result in a lot of pain and a loss of productivity. There are many different sensations that one may experience when they have a case of back pain, and the pain may be a dull ache or a sharp, burning sensation. In this article, we’ll give you a basic understanding of back pain so that you can know how to treat it better.

By far, the most common reason that one experiences a case of back pain is a straining of the muscles in the back. This causes a case of acute low back pain, and it will most often go away without any treatment within a period of two to six weeks. Cases of acute low back pain that persist longer than three months should be taken to a physician in order to be remedied. One of these prolonged cases of back pain may be due to a more advanced problem, such as spinal disc herniation or degenerative disc disease.

When it comes to treating a case of back pain, the treatment is definitely dependent on the source of the problem. For easing moderate aches and pains in your household, you may want to consider using a heat pack and a cold pack in order to soothe the muscles of the back. Physical therapy and exercise are also encouraged, and performing stretches that help to strengthen the back muscles are highly recommended. Some people find relief from their back pain through participating in low-intensity exercise programs such as pilates or yoga. Visits to a chiropractor may also be of merit as they can help to properly align your spine, causing less pain and friction between the discs of your spine. Steroid injections may also be given, as well as medications that can work as muscle relaxants.

To treat serious cases of back pain, surgery may be an option. Artificial disc replacement is one medical procedure that is gaining popularity when it comes to treating those with degenerated discs. Another procedure that is often used is spinal cord stimulation, in which electrical signals are sent into the spine which causes the spine to stop transmitting pain signals into the brain, lessening the pain that one feels when they have back problems. If you’ve got a case of back pain that you are having trouble with, you may want to speak to a doctor in order to discover what the underlying cause to your condition is. There are many ways of relieving the pain that dorsopathy can cause, so it’s very important to get the problem properly diagnosed by a health care professional.

What is Back pain all about

Back pain is one of the biggest causes of lost days at work; it is second only to the common cold. Whether it is a few days in bed due to a sports injury or a reoccurring pain due to an accident, most people will be affected by back pain at some point in their lifetime

An overview of what back pain is?

The problem with back pain is that it can be caused by many different factors, like the muscles, joints, nerves and bones located in the back. Back pain doesn’t have to be constant either; it can start or stop at any time. Back pain can even move to different areas of the back, it doesn’t have to center around the area the initial pain started. Muscle strains are the most common form of back pain. You don’t even have to be active to have muscle strain; it is something that can happen in your sleep.

How can I stop the risk of getting back pain?

Trauma to your back. Trauma can be caused by a motor accident, falling from height or any accident where you happen to hit your back hard.

If you are over fifty years of age and happen to fall over, trip down steps or any injury where you land on your rear or back.

History of cancer, osteoporosis or rheumatologic disorders

Long periods of steroid use whether it be due to a medical condition or due to recreational use

If you happen to receive the following then you are in great risk of causing damage to your back and y should seek medical advice.

What are the symptoms of back problems?

Shooting pains down the front or back of the legs

Numbness or weakness in part of the leg

The inability to raise your big toe as it is linked to the fifth lumbar nerve

The inability to flex the foot up or down at the plantar fascia of the foot

What do I need to know?

The back includes the spinal column that protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system.

Most back pain sufferers see their symptoms improve within eight weeks, even if they don’t have any treatment.

If someone has suffered with back pain for less than one month then this is known as acute back pain.

If back pain persists for longer than a month then its medical term is called chronic back pain.

Eight out of ten sufferers who seek medical advice are diagnosed with a non-specific cause of pain, even after thorough medical examinations because the varying causes of back pain are hard to detect.


Back pain can be debilitating, painful and uncomfortable, due to this it is important to protect your back from injury. It is imperative that you seek medical advice should you have any hard impact to your back, should an impact happen and you do not seek medical advice then any small damage that has occurred can progressively get worse and cause major problems later on.