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Back Problems Pain Sufferering

As most people will at some point in their life suffer with back pain then you would expect more information to be readily available.

One problem people encounter when they suffer with back pain is a lack of knowledge that can drag them down and make them feel that the back pain will last a lifetime.


The back is made up of the spinal column, various muscles and ligaments. It can be easy to strain a muscle or ligament in your back if you do not take precautions, it can also be fairly easy to put too much pressure on your spine causing damage to the spinal column.

A lot of people suffer with back pain, the problem with back pain is that your back is one of the main parts of the body so what ever you do, your back is affected. Think about it, when you move, your back moves too, when you breathe your back is involved as your ribs are joined to the spinal column. If you suffer with back pain every movement you make can send awful pain shooting through your back, and in some circumstances your buttocks and legs.

Different Kinds of back pain

Everyone at one time or another suffers with back pain but how and why does pain occur?

We suffer with pain, as it is our body’s way of telling us there is damage to a certain part of our body. Messages of pain are sent along our nerve cells through our central nervous system (our spinal cord) to the brain. Once the brain has received the message it sends one back telling the body to take action so the damage can be repaired.

Because of the complexity of the back there are a lot of different reasons why pain can be found there, what a doctor needs to do is diagnose the correct reason for this pain.

Different areas of the back and pain they can cause


Within the back there are many different muscles that can be damaged and cause pain, these muscles are called the Latissimus Dorsi, Teres major and minor and the Trapezius.

The muscles of the back are used when you are pulling items, even though the muscles are strong they can easily be "pulled" if lifting is not carried out correctly or the item is too heavy in weight.

Most pains in the thoracic region (also known as the upper back) are generally caused by damage to a muscle or ligament.

If you feel like the damage you have is a muscular pain then it should repair itself over a short time.


The bone structure of the back is made up of the spinal column. The spinal column is made up of twenty-four vertebrae with discs in between to cushion the vertebrae during movement.

A spinal column is split into three different areas, the cervical region, thoracic region and lumbar region.

The cervical region is the top of the spinal column and starts at the bottom of the skull at the rear and forms the support for the neck.

The thoracic region forms the top and middle parts of the back. The thoracic region is formed by twelve vertebrae with ribs on either side and is very sturdy and strong.

The lumbar region is formed by five vertebrae and supports the weight of the upper body. The lumbar region is also the part of the back that is the most likely to get damaged.

There are a lot of conditions that can affect the bones in the back.

The main condition is a bulging disc, this is mostly found in those who are older in age as the bones lose strength. A bulging disc occurs when to much stress is put on the discs that cushion the vertebrae. When to much pressure is put on the discs there is the possibility the discs can push cartilage into a nerve root or the spinal canal causing severe pain.

Should you feel that your pain is centered on the bone structure in your back then you will need to seek medical attention so the issue can be resolved, without medical care your back may become worse.

If you suffer with back pain it can feel like the end of the world, lying there in pain, feeling depressed, knowing you can’t just stand up and get that glass of water on the bed stand like everyone else in the world.

You see back pain is not just a physical problem; it is also an emotional drain on the sufferer. Those with back pain can be prone to depression because it can be debilitating and stop them from carrying out the normal functions over everyday life.

What all you sufferers out there need to know is that you are not alone; it may sound a bit pointless to hear this while you're lying there in pain, but it is true. You need to look deep into yourself and think about the future prospect of the pain subsiding, your mobility increasing, and having the ability of getting back to a normal life.

If you are suffering with back pain then a visit to a medical consultant is important, it is amazing what the medical community can do today, if you visit a medical professional they will be able to diagnose what is causing your back pain and provide a treatment, surgical or not, that should alleviate the pain.

There are so many different treatments available for back pain from deep muscle massages or pain relief medication to surgical procedures for those with chronic pain onset by spinal column conditions.

Remember it doesn’t matter how bad the pain can be, it is not something that will last forever, and it is something that can be alleviated in one way or another. As the saying goes, keep your chin up.

If you have a loved one that is suffering with back pain, remember to give them all the support they need, you may not have been told but they may be having a bigger battle inside than you know about.